I love the look of mixed metals... I don't think I even realized it until I started creating pieces of jewelry that had a combination of sterling silver, copper, yellow brass and yellow gold. I started out wanting to experiment with metal, any metal. I took a small-scale metal sculpture class and continued down that road. A few classes later, I started creating pieces of jewelry that I thought looked cool... When I look at them today, I think "wow, my style has evolved in a major way!" And, then I added glass to the mix! I experimented with melting glass into handmade glass drops. In addition to the metals, I've fallen in love with the pop of color. Not to blingy, just blingy enough.

Artist Statement...

My designs are a reflection of the modern woman and man—who possesses a confident and edgy sense of style.

I transform silver and mixed metals to create everyday wearable jewelry and one-of-a-kind statement pieces. I’m passionate about blending simple, clean lines with perfectly imperfect oxidized elements, forming a collection of contrasting colors and styles. Some pieces can be expressed in multiple ways, offering creative freedom and maximum wearability.

My inspiration comes from within—which in itself—comes from the environment that surrounds me. The best feeling is seeing what’s in my minds eye take identity, take form, and take flight—seeing and feeling the joy it brings to the person who wears it.

A little about me...

I love staying active - hiking, exercise, wandering along trails with my dog. This, also, allows me to enjoy another love... delicious food. I love to create, and jewelry takes a lot of that energy, but with what's leftover, I love to experiment with baking and cooking. I, also, work part time on a large farm.  I work on the CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) side of things, meaning vegetables. It's hard work, but between the manual labor and artistic creativeness, in my jewelry, it sort of balances things out in life. 

Aryal Ames